Monday, January 30, 2006

RSS feeds, etc.

Today we are going to be talking about RSS feeds. And other ways of keeping on top of the topic you are covering in your blog. Here are some sites we are going to look at.



Thursday, January 26, 2006

And we're off....

Our class of 21 students is setting up their blogs this week - lots of sports topics ... also fashion, food, humor, tv, film, etc. This is a journalism class, so we have some ground rules, which I will post. Sticking to journalistic standards while also experimenting a bit - getting a chance to do some opinion writing, write reviews, etc. I'm starting to add the links to student blogs off to the right. I'm impressed with how some people are already loading up their own photos, making their own graphics, tweaking the code to customize their blog, etc. I'm hoping this semester to play around with a bit of podcasting - loading up some audio to the blogs. Today we looked at CommandN - this great tech news Web TV program based in Toronto-a good example of what you can do with a blog and some multi-media tools.

By the end of the weekend, I should have everyone's blog linked up from here.

Same blog, new colors

I thought the blog needed a new look for the new semester ... hence, the new look.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Just a taste ...

Online Journalism - A sampling of blogs

Directory of blogs


Daily Kos


Over the Monster (Red Sox)

Women’s Hoops Blog



Post Secret

I am fashion

Blogdorf Goodman


Froggy Ruminations


Gizmodo, the gadget blog

Welcome Spring Semester!

Round 2. It's now Spring semester - and we have a new group of students for Online Journalism. Hopefully some of the kinks we had last semester with our inaugural effort will be smoothed out this time around. First up, a piece in New York Magazine about Craig Newmark, the founder of Craigslist. Please read to discuss next week. Also if you are not famliar with Craigslist, spend some time exploring it. Craiglist is a threat to newspaper classifieds - the bread and butter of newspaper revenue.