Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Blogs as satire

Someone has morphed The Onion's fake news humor and the Daily Show shtick with a blog format to create Harriet Meirs's blog -it's completely fake, obviously, and somewhat funny and it also raises a lot of online legal and ethical issues that we will talk about in class.

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Anonymous said...

The net, uninhibited by government regulation,political-correctness, journalism's so-called "ethics standards" (if that's not an oxymoron), will remain the obnoxious, profane, inane, and irrelevant--it's a remant, last outpost of the unregulated human "spirit," with all its warts. As to the elaborately fabricated hoax: I can tolerate--maybe even enjoy--some of it, because it doesn't seem to be a crass hatchet job by a political hater (at least the quick scan I gave it). It seems to be pretty typical, unique American political parody . . . and if it is (after I read more of it), then two suggestions: (1) Lighten up, and (2) Don't try to make more of it than it is; just leave it like it is, for anyone to enjoy (or hate). There are lots of better examples you could use with your class to illustrate and discuss ethics and legal issues.