Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Crossing the finish line

The end is here. Hopefully, some of you will keep your blogs going, but obviously you are not obligated once the semester ends. I hope you found the experiment interesting and useful. For the next week, concentrate on posting daily – many took a hiatus over the holiday and that’s fine. I also want you to write one final essay that should be posted by Sunday (12/4/05) about your blogging experience – what did you get out of it, if anything. What would you do differently? What did you enjoy? Dislike? Do you think you will continue your blog? Were there any surprises? What do you think of blogs in general? Did you share your blog with family and friends and what did they think? I will type up comments and issue a final grade for everyone’s blog to hand out next Tuesday -- our last class.


Grant said...

Prof. Matson, thanks for being patient with my "looking over your shoulder" via your and your students' blogs. I gained considerably (at bargain tuition rates). But the main revelation to me was just how really bright, fresh (in both senses), and innovative most of your charges are, both in the "thinking department" and in the craft of writing. Although I know the students won't agree, the time went much too fast.

Best of luck and good fortunate to your students--who sooner or later will be grappling with the "real world"--and also to you, their mentor in journalism. Leave each of them with the certain message that the U.S.A., with all its warts, is still the land of opportunity. How well or how badly this land fares is largely in their hands once they leave the classroom. Unfortunately, their task becomes daily more difficult than it was for most of their forebears.

prof_matson said...

Hi Grant - thanks so much for spending the time on our class blogs and offering your comments, etc. It was good to have someone looking over our shoulders - that's what blogging is all about. I'm teaching this again next semester - and I've learned alot from this first run to apply to the next class - Liz