Monday, March 12, 2007

Blog assignment

Blog your break. So I want everyone to write a "what I did over my break post." If you have some photos - this would be a great place to post one or two. Please write the post by Friday the 16th. So here's mine:

My break was spent in the library for the most part - I'm trying to finish two papers for conference deadlines. I've put the book to the side for a few weeks while I work on that. But I also got away for two nights to NYC. I didn't bring any work/computer, etc. It was great. Stayed at Bryant Park Hotel in midtown. Usually we stay in Tribeca, but decided to be different this trip. Went to MOMA on Friday night - it's free during that time. Saw an exhibit of Jeff Wall's photography and also checked out a few of the stand-bys - Picasso, Van Gogh, etc. But it started to get really crowded. Here's one of the Jeff Wall pics that I liked here. That night we headed down to the lower East Side to hang out - went to the Backroom and also ate at this great tiny Asian tapas place called Kuma Inn - I highly rec. it. The next day was lots of walking and a visit to the Neue Gallerie - mainly because I wanted to see this recent acquisition of a Gustav Klimt. We saw it, but most of the museum was closed because they are setting up for a new exhibit - but it meant free admission! Long walk through Central Park. That night we headed over to Brooklyn for dinner at Superfine - we'be been there a few times, because every year we come down to see the Wooster Group - a theater group that performs at St. Anne's Warehouse in this part of Brooklyn. After dinner we went to see them perform a very different "Hamlet"- they incorporate a lot of multimedia - usually video into their performaces. It was long - almost three hours! - but excellent. The next day we head to back to pick up Zoe at my parents and celebrate my brother's birthday. All around great little respite! Now back to work!

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