Sunday, September 30, 2007

Chronic commenters

The New York Times had a piece today about how some people are making names for themselves just by commenting on other people's blogs - a few don't even have their own blogs, they just spout off on others (many, many times).

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Anonymous said...

Here I am 4 years later after this was written and no chronic commenters have said anything? So yeah after realizing I comment alot I decided to google my character flaw and this is where it pointed me, so yeah I love to comment on all and everything if I feel like it, it matters what mood I am in, I mostly comment on FB stuff I love making someone laugh but rarely I get a response of lol after a comment. I think all comments are worth the time and energy. If we all said what popped in our mind after reading whatever it might be a funner place or darker depending on who is commenting, so I wish you the respect and courage to say what you want! Sincerely,
Darla Allen *Seattle, WA IDGAF