Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Blog about College Media

The Romensko media blog had a link to this blog about innovation in college media
and in particular this Q&A with Howard Owens who is the Director of Digital Publishing at Gatehouse Media. The following are some parts of the interview about what you should be learning as a journalism student that jumped out at me:

ICM: Which leads a little bit into my next question … The online media universe has been changing dramatically over the last two years. What parts of that change do you think are most crucial for student journalists to comprehend?

Owens: Blogging and video. I don’t think many people grasp how much we can learn from blogging about how the way people consume information is changing ...

And ...

ICM: Taking those ideals from blogging and video, then, how can those be added to the skill set students are cultivating while working in student media. Maybe some tips on how students can get started here.

Owens: Blog. Shoot and edit video. But mainly, blog. Every student journalist should spend at least six months totally immersed in blogging. Start a blog and try to draw an audience. Do the things that bloggers need to do, read other blogs, create a blog roll, link to other blogs, post frequently on topics relevant to the audience you’re trying to reach (and read those blogs in that category), comment on other blogs. Learn to be a participant. That’s my advice to pro journalists, too: if you want to learn this culture, become a participant in it. It will totally change the way you think about media and online publishing.

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