Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sigh :(

Here is an article written by a journalism student (not Northeastern - phew!) who writes about how she/he faked many class assignments - made up quotes, people. So this piece really depresses me - it's not that I'm (or other profs) not aware of this problem - the past few semesters I've randomly called/e-mailed student sources to confirm identity/involvement, but it's not foolproof, and I don't like the role of trying to catch someone doing wrong. I would like to think that someone who cheats eventually is consumed by guilt, and is cursed with doom and gloom for the rest of their life. But this cheater is so blase, ho-hum, even a few years later. But I'm curious for comments on what you, the students, think about this piece. Do you think this is now status quote for j-students? Or an anomaly? Don't worry, I'm not expecting confessions, just your thoughts, ruminations, etc.

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