Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Student blog highlights

Once a week, I will try to highlight different posts from your blogs. First, Tom has already started podcasting (we'll be learning how to do this in class in a few weeks). Tom writes about baseball on his blog Bleacher Seats and here is the link to the post with the podcast. This is great Tom! Nicole is writing about film, and someone has already stumbled across her blog The Reel Scoop and posted a comment. If you are a "24" fan, Susan Torres recaps last night's episode for those who missed it or those who want to relive it! I teach a Monday night class and don't get home until 25 minutes into the show, so this recap helped fill in the holes! Dinah, who is blogging about all things dance, is also doing the same kind of recaping with MTV's new Dancelife show. Both Adam, who is covering non-traditional sports, and Jeff, who is covering the life of writing comic books, are going to town - lots of blogging! That's all for now ...

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