Sunday, February 11, 2007

All of me - online

There is an interesting piece in New York Magazine this week about how the "younger" generation are comfortable exposing their personal lives -via words, photos, video on the Internet. I thought this was going to be another story with a "young people post risque pics on the Internet" angle - and there is some of that, but it goes deeper into privacy issues, generational shifts in communcation tools, approaches. Please take the time to read this week and I would love to hear what everyone thinks of the piece. While I'm more cautious about how much information some people are putting out there - I do love how creative some of these kids/young adults are. And I don't think that all of them who are claiming they won't have any regrets when they're "older" may necessarily feel that way 10, 15 years from now - but who knows?


SusanT said...

everyone in America wants to be famous. the Internet is a way of letting everyone feel famous by putting their lives out for anyone to read. right now it doesn't seem like a big deal, but I hope my kids never read my livejournal.

~Melissa~ said...

I thought the article was pretty good and tried to stay objective. I really like the idea of relating the internet generation to the rock 'n roll generation. It's like every 50 years there is a drastic new change in the world that the previos generation can't fully grasp. I don't think the older generation will EVER understand the internet and why people put themselves out there. I like the idea that privacy doesn't exist currently anyway.
With the idea of online journals, I've always said that I don't hink anyone ever really knows anyone, until they read that persons journal. There are so many falsitites and cliches of how kids should act, what's cool and what's not. For example, if you looked at the majority of college girls, they are wearing uggs and mini skirts. Maybe too old a phrase to use now, but the point is, that when someone has a journal and the idea of writing a diary, they can be truthful and express their true selfs. I personally would not be completley exposed, but that's up to the writer.
I also think that kids even younger than me are even more internet savvy.
I think a lot of the people who are judgemental in a negative way against the youth and their internet usage comes from the older generation and the pressure they put on people. So much of that generation is dead set in saying kids are exposing themselves so much and that it is such a horrible thing. While many are pressured, I think that when that older generation is gone, everyone will be on the internet and exposing themselves, some more than others. Our world is becoming interactive via the web whether we like it or not.

DonnaR said...

I posted my comment under the wrong entry, so you may see this twice ...

What a fantastic article. I was blown away by the amount of research the reporter must have put into this, tracking down bloggers and getting the interviews. I liked that she had a lot of young voices and art to go with this article.

I do have to agree with the premise. I am an older student and very shy about talking about myself online. I am torn between admiration of younger students who blog with reckless abandon and a feeling that I couldn't open myself up like that.

Tom said...

I feel like I'm supposed to be one of these people, growing up in the age of blogging and revealing personal information on the Internet, but I never got into it. I wrote in Xanga about my personal experiences, but they were all pretty tame. I don't have facebook or myspace. I don't post pictures anywhere. Yet, I could not live without the Internet today. It's probably because I spend all my time surfing for information.

For me, I just don't think all the teens understand that the Internet is truly as public as it gets. There's no such thing as privacy.