Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Blogs, blogs, blogs

I've noticed the mention of blogs more and more in the stories linked from Romensko's media blog -- what at first was not considered journalism or worthy of attention, blogging is now getting a lot of chatter in media circles. One of the stories linked today from the site is about how 45% of NYU undergrads read blogs - mostly of the entertainment/gossip genre.

P.S. - I've mentioned Romensko's site in class - it's worth following if this is the business you want to get into - it's filled with stories about what is happening in the industry - gossip, news, etc.


Danny L. McDaniel said...

There is more hype about blogs than fact. Most blogs look like ancient ruins of a past civilization. Either no one comments or the blog owner has not posted in years. I know several that are still accessed with the most recent post way back in 2003 or 2005.

Only a few good blogs receive daily traffic. Most sites are just an open, electronic dairy for anyone to read, not to mention just plain stupid.

There is no doubt blogging is here to stay but I believe it will look alot different in a few short years. Many people actually think they can change the world by blooging. After all, it's still part vaudeville and part operatic.

Danny L. McDaniel
Lafayette, Indiana

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